TUTORIAL: Natural Look : Peachy Bride

Ever imagine your wedding day? One day, i will look really beautiful a white gown, pretty flower bouquet, and my “right man” beside me. 🙂 Oh how beautiful is it. rite?

Oh, don’t ever think that i would had my wedding day for now, HAHA. I’m just inspired by my sister who will held her wedding day this end of month. ^^ and yeah, of course i want to look beautiful too on my wedding day one day!

Okay, get back to this tutorial.

This look is so natural, and i want to give a really simple makeup that would enchanced your true beauty.



I hope my man would give me my wedding ring with a romantic way~



What product i use for this look?



This is actually form 88 eyeshadow pallete from Coastal Scent, that i loveee so much. The color is great and pigmented!

I use no 1 all over my crease, and number 2 on my lid, and mix the number 2 and 3 for the end of my eye corner to make adepth.


And insted of wear a red lipstick, i prefer to wear this lip lacquer pot in peach pink color to match my eyeshadow color.


And for the blush, i choose to wear this 5 and 6 color.

For this look, i’m not using any countour, because i want this look really natural, so i came up using the highlighter over my nose brigde.

Ah! for this look i use REVLON Photoready Airbrush in shade number #4 🙂

You can see the review here







And the last pic, is for the detailed hair. ^^


Hope you enjoy this tutorial and feel free to give me some comment or request for any tutorial in the comment box ^^


@christin_bun >3

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