Tutorial: Being OLD lady makeup

Hello everyone! first post on December!

And now i’ll share some of my experimental makeup. Being an old lady is not that hard.

Wrinkles, shading and pale face is interesting too!

So let’s check this post out! Enjoyy~

First at all.. always~ my bare face..


Then i apply some foundation (to my lips too, to make my face more look pale)

Tips: i choose a light foundation for this makeup, just make sure not  make u look like ghost. LOL


Lil bit play wif my face expression. XD

Let’s start!

IMG_3415First, i make some shading ( u can see the red area) , prefer to make the shading with dark compact powder than with cream shading as usually i use. I just want to make it real and natural. (remember to blend it girls! )


Then i make some “wrinkle” effect with brown  pencil eyeliner. *make sure to make it real as the real one, observe how the wrinkle out when someone reach this level of age.*

Then, i apply some white eyeliner pencil on my brow, just to make it more invisible. *Old person have a thin eyebrows*


And the last part of this makeup is, the redness effect. Make someone look really cold, don’t  add too much red color on your face, u will look like a clown or had a very bad flu. HAHA. *kidding*

Tips: i use red lipstick to make that “redness effect”

use all kind of makeup is legal! XD

and.. TARAAA~! it’s done!


How i look like now guys? do i look more old now? XD

What i wore:

  • Foundie: PAC #3
  • Shading: LT Pro Compact Powder DARK PALETTE #3
  • Wrinkles – Brown Eyeliner: @Maybelline , White Eyeliner: Wardah (my favorite white eyeliner till now)
  • Red effect: @REVLONid lipstick. 

IMG_3417The old lady say,”Be kind kid! I’ll be MAD!”


HOPE you LIKE it guys!

see u in another post. >3


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