Trip: Singapore 24 oct – 28 oct



SINGAPORE! holiday between assigment and hectic day? who didn’t love it?! haha

so i will share my lil story here, of course with photos. i promise i will post another phostos with high-rest. this one is just a quick posting. ^^


-BUGIS street ~ all u need (fashion) is here!-

-WEDDING DRESS EXPO, 200 years of wedding fashion is here. amazed me!-

-One of their collection ~ scotland style-

-ME, in front of the expo building. can u see that amazing structure? *in love*-

-LASSALE collage-

-SAM, Singapore Art Museum ~ indonesian artist artwork is here too, so make sure u visit this place. museum is not boring anymore, it’s COOL!-

-One of their collection. the instalation tell about a mom who pregnant. and she’s baby is a “Demigod”-

-A simple words that make people make take photo-

-lovely church that i find in front of SAM-

-Clarke Quay-

-Singapore City Gallery, if u want to know how Singapore build their country, visit this place-

-Singapore Maket, like a ‘real’ google map-

-Space, a furniture shop that catch my heart, beautiful building, excited interior-

and now, let’s see Singapore meal as well!

-Hokkian Mee, favorite all the singaporean!-

-Ba Kut Teh, yummy, juicy, ahh~ don’t know how to describe this meal. tempting!-

-my friends-

so people, if u want to refresh your mind, go to another country and see their museum, and u will go home with a brain full of question, why my country cannot be like that? and try to make it real even better. since you are the new generation of this country.













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