The Body Shop All in One BB Cream

Yak yak! Mana yang lebih suka pake BB Cream dibanding foundation disini? Gue pribadi jauh lebih suka pake BB cream dibanding pake foundation kalau buat sehari-hari. Kenapa? Keep reading! ūüôā Untuk postingan kali ini gue mau review sedikit tentang si The Body Shop All in One BB Cream ini yah. Yuuu dicek!

Comparation of my favorite BB Cream

There is a lot (seriously a lot) of BB cream from various makeup brand that i’ve seen until now. And 2 of my favorite is from Maybelline and Garnier. Garnier sendiri baru ngeluarin produk BB Cream nya pertengahan taun ini. Agak telat sih dibanding Brand-brand lain yang ngeluarin produk BB Cream nya dari taun lalu. […]

REVIEW: Which is the best BB Cream?

Legend! Yup! BB Cream is a legend of makeup for these day. There’s so many makeup brand make their own formula to compate each other. I seach them on internet and found out that there is really A LOT of brands had a BB Cream. Which is like Korean brand like Etude House¬†, Face Shop […]

review: Caring BB Cream

After a long time ago ( i guess 2 weeks since my last post) finally i have time to make a review about BB Cream! yay! because of my favorite make up things is BB cream, so this is my 2nd post about BB cream, the last one is BB cream from Maybelline¬†, so please […]


as you know,¬†now¬†BB¬†Cream¬†is very popular¬†among the¬†lovers¬†make up,¬†even for thelayman¬†BB¬†Cream¬†makes them¬†curious¬†and¬†want to try it.¬†This¬†is a¬†bit of¬†a Review ofMaybelline¬†products¬†that I use¬†for¬†seharo-day.¬†very light,¬†cover,¬†and¬†do not¬†ruin¬†yourpretty face!¬†^¬†^ This¬†is a picture¬†of¬†a¬†new¬†product¬†design. back side of the product old design there are actually¬†two¬†colors¬†of¬†Maybelline¬†BB¬†Cream.¬†fresh¬†and¬†natural¬†#¬†#¬†#¬†I¬†myself use¬†a¬†fresh¬†.. and this is the real review swatch…. ^^ the colors¬†blend together well,¬†cover¬†with a¬†good,¬†lightweight,¬†and is one of¬†myfavorite¬†products¬†from¬†Maybelline! Would not it […]

ullzang make up tutorial

this one i do yesterday. like we know, korean girl looks so natural beuty and cute at one time. so i try to make some make up tutorial how to look ullzang! seumdwa!! ^^ first at all, i use my MAYBELLINE BB CREAM #fresh for my daily foundation apply it smoothly, i prefer use my […]

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