Stila: Stay all day liquid lipstick/ PATINA


Who doesn’t know this famous liquid lipstick?

This brand are successfully make a liquid lipstick trending all over the world! Let see how good is this lippies are.


It claims to have creamy-matte and full coverage formula that are long-lasting, weightless, will be not bleed or transfer and hydrate your lips.

Such a lot of claims!


So based on that claims and all the hype out there, i got my hand of this lipstick right away. Beside of that, i love the color. Has a pinky-muted colors just like what my lippies collection are. (Never get enough of this color!)


So yeah, i need to admitted that this product are really:

  • Hydrates my lips, even though this product has matte formula. Good point!
  • Full coverage enough to cover my dark lips edges.
  • The applicator are good, tho.

But i need to feel sorry because:

  • This liquid lipstick are not “that weightless”, i still feel they had a thick formula and consistency, i found colourpop UML are more liquidy.
  • This lipstick are transferable. Not really, but you can see from my photo below.
  • And also the packaging are not compareable with the price, IMO. It just a thin recycle paper with cut off effect to see the product inside. Go-green, but…. i expect more with the pricetag they offer actually. (update: this is the old packaging, sephora had their new packaging one now)


ps: i’ve waited about 60 seconds before do the “kissproof” test. 


Where can i got one? 

Sephora all over the wolds, i believe. I got one from Sephora Singapore.

How much it cost?

$24 / Rp 330.000,-

Is it worth to buy? 

Yes, if u don’t mind pay the bills, but in my personal opinion, there is a lot, totally a lot any others product that are similar but this more afforable price. And also the colors are not that unique. I found some dupes like, Sephora Marvelous Mauve or Colourpop in Clueless.

Here’s some reference:

credit to @dupethat

Hope it helps!

Stay Fab ♥,


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7 tanggapan pada “Stila: Stay all day liquid lipstick/ PATINA

  1. actually it’s the old packaging, some sephora in indonesia already starts selling the new packaging for few shades. the new one is repackaged in gold card box, the product itself now has gold cap with acrylic bottle with gold writing in it. I have yet to try Colourpop UML but it’s interesting that you think CUML is better than this 🙂

      1. gw ragu2 coba CUML karena katanya the old formula is as dry as satan bu**. Akhirnya kemaren beli yg up & away fall collection to make sure i get the new formula. Semoga gw cocok ya, it’s at so much better price point than Stila w/ more color selection.

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