Skin Care Routine for my acne prone skin

Have you ever felt had bad day because you had a pimple on your forehead?

Or.. having a hard time about confidance, because you had a big pimple on the big day?

Or.. you just panic because you had to meet someone that is very important to you, and   “that little buddy” come and following you all around in your face?

Oh yes.. i’m with you.



Due to stress level, or maybe you had too little time to sleep, or you just had a busy day and forgot to double cleanse your face, or maybe you eating too much junk food – that’s called unhealthy lifestyle, can lead you to had pimple on the next day. 

Unfortunatly, i had all the things i wrote before in almost my everyday life. I try to balance my life, but yeah.. sometimes my activity makes me hard to control a healthy lifestyle.

But in a meantime, i had a skincare routine that works pretty fine & cure my acne. I’m not promise it will works on you, or your pimple will dissapear in one night, ok?




So here’s the product i rely on for years and some of them i just found several months ago. Serum, soothing gel, acne gel/cream, oil & some face mist.









I use this brightening serum from Biokos & Bio Oil to reduce my post acne scars. I use the Bio oil as often as i can, it makes my acne scars dissapear gradually.


My holy grail acne cream from OXY. They had Oxy 5 for a mild pimple, OXY 10 for stubborn pimple, and OXY Cover to hide your pimple.    You can adjust to your needed.

I took turns between OXY 5 & 10, depends on my skin conditions.

PS: it has a tingling sensation once you apply it on your acne. It’s pretty normal. 🙂



If you can’t foind OXY in Indonesia, you can buy it online, or.. i’ll give you one of my other holy grail acne treatment from local brand.

Dermaluz Acne Spot Treatment.

I use it once i feel the OXY one not giving me any result (which means my skin gets used to it), i will change my acne gel onto this one. And tommorow morning my acne getting dry & smaller 🙂



After i use all the product, i like to “seal” it with aloe vera gel from Nature Republic. One of that soothing gel that gives me calming sentation & also repair my skin texture. I use it for almost 5 years ago!


Then, for an extra miles for my skin, i spray a lot of Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray all over my face & neck area.

It will refresh my red – tired & stress skin.


Sometimes, after putting too much acne cream, i got a dry patches on the next day. So, to prevent my skin looking cray after putting some foundation, i will always using sheet mask before hand. My skin scream for moisture! LOL

For all of you who has the same issues like me, remember to never give up on your skin, and don’t hide it with too much makeup everyday. They need love 🙂

Stay Fab ♥,


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