Sclup that flat face! : Smashbox Contour Palette


Oh hello everyone! Today i come back with another makeup review. Ya know, even if i have break out for several weeks, but i can’t help to try a new makeup weapon in my vanity. So, this time i play with this simple face palette from Smashbox.


This palette contain 3 different powder colors to sculp/contour your face. Β One for contouring, one for bronzing to get sun-kissed look, and another one is to highlight several areas of your face to make it pop-up.


Start from the left, named contour. Is a cool-brown color, suit to make a “new” shillouette to your face, such as side of your nose, under your cheekbone, philtrum area, etc. I’ll show you which area to use this contour color in the picture below.

In the center we got bronze color, which is more like warm brown color. Usually you can see a lot of bronzer with some shimmers on it, but i prefer bronzer that doesn’t have that kind of shimmer, because bronzer is applied on the cheekbone and forehead, and i personally choose to use another highlighter to get shimmers on my face. Cause as you know, i got high cheekbone, if i apply to much shimmers, my cheekbone will be burst, and i don’t want that.

And the last one, is the highlight color, that is seems like banana color. Suit to applied as a finishing touch under your eyes, bridge of the nose, and chin. Don’t worry, i’ve prepared pictoral picture to use this palette down there. Just keep reading :).

The information inside the actual packaing, make us easier to which-where while using it.
this palette included some good mini-contour brush in the packaging. good for traveling!

Ok, let’s start some mini tutorial here. I hope it will helps to understand my essay. πŸ˜›

  1. Use the contour color on your side on the nose – try to make almost like number 11 in your nose. Be careful not to make it too obvious. Then, it’s actually an optional, but i like to add contour color on my philtrum, just to make it more deeper and makes my mouth and nose area has more dimention. Then i like to add this color under my lips too, the reason? to make my lips fuller and more pouty. πŸ˜€ Who doen’st want fuller and juicy lips?


Still! we’re still on contour color, i add this cool-brown color under my cheekbone, to make my face look smaller, then the last part is my side of the forehead.


2. For the bronzer color, i like to apply it on the top on my contour color, just a lil bit higher but not on my actual cheekbone. And if i want to look more tan, i will and it on my side of forehead too.


3. And the last one, step to make your face has more dimention after you put foundation, it’s highlighter! Apply it lighty on the center of foreheadd, under the eyes to brighten it up (especially if you had a bad dark under-eye, thisstep will help you a lot, just remember to use matte highlighter just like the one i use here, not the shimmering one. ok? πŸ˜€ ), then bridge of the nose to make your nose higher, and then chin. And your base makeup are completed!


You can buy it on with $45.

P.s: if you don’t have any palette like this, you can also replace it with powder that has similar color to this palette too. CatriceΒ (i’ve review it before) has a good duo highlight and contour palette as well, more affordable, and easy to found! ^^

Stay FabΒ β™₯,


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