Rollover Reaction: Lucy


Who doesn’t love liquid lipstick that can do double job as cream blusher in the same time?

Introduce you to one of the best local liquid lipstick: Rollover Reaction.

They had some several shade you can choose from.




  1. Lucy (soft nude peach)
  2. Prudence (warm brown-is red brick)
  3. Sally (soft nude in dusty pink)
  4. Lizzy (nude soft tone greyed-out beige)
  5. Saddie (soft nude mauve)

And there’s newest shade: The clique, that inspired by 90’s vibe:

  1. Umma (bold deep red)
  2. Livv (true chocolate brown)
  3. Moss (medium toned camel-brown)

From 8 variant of shade, i always want to try Prudence and Lucy, but it’s always sold out everywhere! So after waiting for several weeks, i just decided to get my hands at least one of their shades. So i ordered Lucy, which has a toned down peach. Good for daily use.


There packaging it self has a doff finishing bottle (plasticy) like, but has a glazzy black cap. But all i can say is they packaging is such a good quality, looks elegant, simple, and pricey in some reasons, compared to others local liquid lipstick i’ve ever tried.

And they also had a short soft bristle applicator that makes the applications easier.

Let see how the products looks like:


It’s so peachy, love it! The texture is so light, has a little bit of mousse-like, pigmented, and also has moisturizer, antioxidant and UV protector that makes keeps our lips healthy and avoid our lips from darkening by using a ot of lipstick.

Good point!

And here’s the swatch of Rollover Reaction: Lucy in my lips.

And don’t forget, they can be use as a cream blusher too! all you need to do is just dab the product on your cheek, and tap it all with your fingers before applying any powder.


Which shade is your fav?

Where to buy?

Go check their website:

or you can also buy here: Discount Link

(get 50K off every 250K purchase, include Rollover Reaction product, use code: SBNLAKDX before checkout)

Stay Fab ♥,


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