Review: Secret Key Repairing Gel

This few months i’m obbsesed with skin care. Especially with product that contain words like “Moisture, Repair, Shoothing, or Hydrates”. I buy a lot of skincare product cause of that words! haha. silly me. BUt yeah, i but it for reviewing too, so.. it’s okay, rite? *smirk*

So, today’s review is coming up from Korean Brand that people’s talk about. Secret Key!.



Some people said that, this is the 2nd brand form SKII. But, i believe is not.

Cause one is from Japan, and other one is from Korea. Simply different. 3SK

But, yeah, this product can me falling in love!

What is this for?

  • Repair your skin
  • Soothing your skin
  • Some of my acnes problem solved with this product (That’s why i love this product!)
  • Get rid of some dark spot cause of acnes



6SK All texted with han-geul (korean alphabeth) so, better to read some review before you buy it, beauties! ^^/


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