Korean skincare, is it works?

It’s been 2 weeks my skin has more redness and extremely lots of acnes here and there. Don’t know why my skin got worse day by day. Usually i just got 1 or 2 small acnes that would disappear in 1 night, or maybe 2. But nowadays, i just can’t bare it anymore.

I got new acnes almost every morning, my redness are not only where my acnes are, but also around my nose and cheeks. My skin also looks dull and tired. I think my works habits  like – i was active working late night and sleep early in the morning, i spend a lot of my time in the afternoon in meetings and do some paperworks, my day off are always with some photoshoot or meet up with some colleagues and so on and so on are causing my skin condition now.

I need emergency skin care right away! 3

yes, u can see my smiling face, but with dull skin and not-so georg skin.

note: not all beauty blogger or MUA had a good skin condition – everytime. Not always. We had our bad days too. Hiks.

So i decided to change my skincare game a little bit.


I use face mask from one of my favorite korean brand, Innisfree 2-3 times a week. I also use their smile line mask and neck and collarbone mask for extra miles.

Here’s i share how i use my face mask, this time i use their it’s real squezze mask in Bija to calming down my skin problems and give my skin some moisture and make it clearer.

IMG_1206 copy


I apply it on my face for 20-25 minutes (it was the effective time to lock the moisture and let your skin “eat” all that goods)


After i remove the sheet mask, (tips: don’t waste the leftover essence on the package. Apply it to your neck, collarbone and hands. It’s all good things for skin afterall!) i use green tea seed serum from Innisfree to give boost for my skin and give more moisture and nourish.


As you can see, my skin looks more clearer and plum after using 1 sheet mask, wonder how it will make your skin amazing after using it regularly!

For serum, i like to put the product into my palm of my hands first.


Then, i will rub it for several times to activate the serum with my hand’s heat.

After that, i just pat my skin to makesure all the good things i apply before absorb into the deepest of my skin layers.

After i using it for almost 2 weeks, i skin are getting clearer, plum, and glowing. Even i have new acne (because of stress/period), my other skin area are still shining and healthy. Love it!

PS: You can find the products in the first ever Innisfree Indonesia store @Central Park Mall LG Floor on 24 March 2017. Yay! And if you found it too far away, just wait 2 weeks after the first store, and you can also find Innisfree Indonesia store @Senayan City! Double Yay! You can also got FREE GIFTS, if you come to the store on the days if their opening. Even when you are not buying anything! OH-SO-YES!

What’s your favorite skincare these day?

Stay Fab ♥,



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