How to know when is your cosmetic product is out of date?

The skin is one asset that should be kept woman. Protect your skin from the maximum to avoid irritation. Get to know the age make-up products that you wear for expired products will actually make the skin is damaged.

Liquid foundation has a shorter life than a powder foundation. The reason, the bacteria more easily grown in moist and watery body. Generally, the base powder with water-based materials can last a maximum of 1 year. While oil based can last much longer up to 18 months. That is, if you always use clean hands and brushes are cleaned at least once a week with warm water.

Packaging also affects the foundation. Packaging foundation in pump bottle can last longer than any other container that is more open. In addition, the longer the texture liquid foundation will also change. Texture changes due to reaction of the oil and water can make the outward appearance becomes uneven foundation.

Dry or powder foundation can last a long time because the bacteria is difficult to grow in this medium. Alas, dry powder can be used up to 2 years with good storage. But if found to change the texture, such as hard or lumpy it should be replaced.

After 3 months, usually the more lumpy texture of the mascara. Especially if you are repeatedly pumped into the tube of mascara brush before applying. Such habits can make more and more air into the mascara tube and lead to dry easily. In addition, the tube is wet and dark is a favorite place for nesting bacteria.

If your mascara is dry and too clot before 3 months, you should replace with new. Damaged mascara makes lashes not only fragile, but also increase the risk of irritation to the eyes. Not impossible clumps of mascara will fall into the eye and cause irritation.

Liquid eyeliner she was not much different from mascara. Started 3 months you should be aware of the maximum age of your eyeliner. If no change in texture or irritation, liquid eyeliner can be used up to 5 months. For eyeliner pencil can last up to one year. Always make sure your pencil eyeliner menyerut again before using a pencil so that the surface is always clean.
Again, you should pay attention to the texture of what eye shadow you use. Generally, eye shadow is now available in a cream or powder. Just as foundation, eye shadow cream form has a shorter age. Longest, 6 months you should replace your cream eye shadow with a new one.

As for the powder eye shadow with a texture, you can use up to 2 years. Always close the container tightly after use eyeshadow. But if there is irritation to the skin, immediately dispose of your eyeshadow to prevent further skin damage.

Lipstick can last up to 2 years if stored properly. Avoid heat and do not forget to be closed immediately after use. Learn make-up reaction on your skin. If there is itching, burning, redness appears on the skin, or other skin irritation, immediately dispose of the product. Consult your dermatologist about your skin condition to get the best results. Do not let the intention to improve the appearance of even the opposite end.


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