Postingan kali ini gue bakalan coba  bahas beberapa produk kosmetik di pasaran yang ramah di kantong dan juga ramah di kulit. (haha.. I know sometimes we’re find this stuff a lot, but did’t know which one is good. So the, I’ll give u this!) cekidoootttt! 😉

  1. Let’s start from the basic, FOUNDIE! Yay!

Product name: REVLON New Complexion

As: liquid foundie

Pengaplikasiannya is much easy. But I don’t really like the texture, because it’s too fluid. TIPS: So, sometimes I mix wif  the another foundie that more solid than this. J

Price: I get it from the cosmetic store @bandung it’s also Rp67.500,- (please get me know when u get this stuff wif a low price! LOL)

Product Name: Clear Smooth BB Cream

Brand: Maybelline

As: BB cream

This is my favorite BB cream as ever. I have many BB cream with a different price ( also more expensive) but, as far this is the best in the middle price! J

TIPS: u can use it for your daily make up base as light foundie.

Price: I get it just Rp 25.000,_ but if u buy from make up store at SOGO or MAtAHARI,  the price would be more expensive. ( Rp 33.000 – Rp 37.000)


Product Name: Visions V Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow (panjang beuutttdd) XD

As: base foundie to make your make up more glowing.

Brand: product of Oriflame

I also use this before I use my any foundie on my face. More glowing, more healthy!

Price: hmm… I actually forgot the price (lol) tapi gue yakin harganya ga lebih dari Rp 40.000.

U can find it on Oriflame Catalouge. Dulunya di bawah naungan Visions but now u can find this produnt on Dare To Be page. J

 2. Second part is…. MASCARA!

Product Name: The Magnum Volum Express Waterproof

Brand: Maybelline

As: mascara that make your eyelash more thickness and also waterproof.

Price: I get it wif Rp 47.500,- price. Harga nya bener” worthed untuk kemampuan produk ini untuk  bikin bulu mata gue lebih tebel! Sukaa!! >.<

*for the detail, I take this pic for u!*

3. Base Eyeshadow

Product Name: Aubeau

As: transclucent base eyeshadow.

Price: actually, I also forget the price (AGAIN! Haha) but, I’m sure that the price would not more than Rp 50.000,- Aubeau product is also cheap! Yay!

 4. Then… My lovely product!! GEL EYELINER.

Product Name: SilkyGirl Gel liner ( tell me if I’m wrong wif that name) 😛

As: Eye liner wif gel texture

Price: I get it from make up counter “SilkyGirl” sale. So I get it Rp 45.000,- but I the noremal price it would be Rp 50.000 – Rp 55.000,-

Gue suka banget banget banget product ini. Selain karna memang cara pengaplikasian yang gampang, harga terjangkau, plus packagingnya ada brush khususnya juga! Jadi lebih gampang kan… ;P

Let’s see the details….

Dari tutupnya bisa “secretly” di buka dan langsung di”pasang ketutupnya” jadilah brush mini yang bisa khusus dipake buat si gel liner ini. Yay!

Nah, ini bentuk zoom zoom zoom in brush imut itu.. bentuknya yang meruncing bikin kta gampang buat ngebentuk outline mata.


Product Name: Revlon Natural Wonder Lipstick

Price: I got it from Bandung wif ONLY Rp 13.000,-!!!! (get a shock! Hahaha)

This pic is my fav colour.. 04 spice.


Warnanya pas ke kulit gue yang putih, kalo di pake untuk daily make up bagus banget. Not too much, but sweet enough too make your lips stunning! 😉

 6. The last stuff… Eyeliner Pencil

Product Name: Wardah Eyeliner Pencil

 This is also a brand from our local country.

My favorite colour fromthis brand is the white eyeliner. Warnanya keluar, dan pengaplikasiannya juga cenderung gampang banget!

Price: guess what? YES! I forgot the price aaaaaagaaaiinn! Hahahaha

But don’t worry its just around Rp 30.000 – Rp 40.000,- only! 😀

Yay! Thanks too read this post from the beginning until you read this! *prokprokprok*

But, so sorry for the weird language. I write it on the midnight and tomorrow I must get up @ 5 O’clock in the morning, so I have no mush energy too translate my Indonesian language. Pardon me?  hahay! Keep reading my posting guys! See u! *Smooch* :*

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