REVIEW: Revlon Photoready Airbrush mousse makeup

Long time didn’t write some review on my blog.  So, here my review for Revlon Photoready Airbrush mousse makeup in 050 Medium Beige. Pada dasarnya, produk Revlon Airbrush ini punya beberapa varian warna, 1. Shell 2. Nude 3. Natural Beige 4. Medium Beige 5. Golden Beige For some info, warna2 yang dikasi dari Revlon Airbrush ini […]

Me against acnes!

Yups! Today I’ll share you, what product that help me to make all the scary and nightmare acnes gone from your skin! Me, as an ordinary woman around the world will have a period every month, and yeah sometimes ( but often, fiuh) I had an acne(s) around my face before my period start. And […]

REVIEW: Which is the best BB Cream?

Legend! Yup! BB Cream is a legend of makeup for these day. There’s so many makeup brand make their own formula to compate each other. I seach them on internet and found out that there is really A LOT of brands had a BB Cream. Which is like Korean brand like Etude House , Face Shop […]

Review: Wet n Wild is now in Indonesia! yay!

I’m so excited to review this product. This early month, Wet n wild Indonesia sent me an email and said they would sent me their product for me to review it. and i just got dooo happy, guess why? coz i’ve been so curious about their product, especially their superb eyeshadow. ahhh~ ya yaaa~ i […]

IBB Makeup challenge “Enchanting Fairy”

Baru kali ini nih IBB ( Indonesian Beauty Blogger) ngadain makeup challage! excited? of course! jadiii.. g putuskan untuk menerima tantangan kali ini. karena temanya “Enchanting fairy” , dan mumpung g (memang) lagi kegandurungan makeup fantasy, jadilah g mulai bermain sama makeup” kesayangan.. how i look when i’m like in fairy tale? check this out! […]

Trip: Singapore 24 oct – 28 oct

    SINGAPORE! holiday between assigment and hectic day? who didn’t love it?! haha so i will share my lil story here, of course with photos. i promise i will post another phostos with high-rest. this one is just a quick posting. ^^ ENJOY! -BUGIS street ~ all u need (fashion) is here!- -WEDDING DRESS […]

REVIEW: Etude Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher #3

        Review Etude Product is never been boring! now i wnat to share my (one of) october haul. Etude Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher number #3! check this out! The packaging is always cute (Etude’s trademark) and pretty peach for the color. Sorry for the blur photo >< The Packasging is quite good […]

REVIEW: Nicole’s store and product

so, everyone.. ada yang uda tau brand apa dan dari mana nicole’s ini? naahh.. yang belum tau dan penasaran.. yuk di cek” dulu reviewnya.. ^^ Sejarah nya, nicole’s ini awal nya product yang udah cukup lama dan terkenal di singapore. product nya yang memang fokus sama kesehatan dan kealamian ini, bikin brand ini punya banyak […]

MAVALA review for long and thick lashes

so, here’s is it! my review for MAVALA product. Product ini sendiri meng-claim bahwa dia bisa “memanjangkan, menebalkan, dan melentikan”. Jadiiiii… gue sebenernya punya bulu mata yang (sangat) tipis dan pendek. So, yeap. GUe tergoda untuk beli product ini. ^^ haha.. Nah ini dia penampakan sang product ajaib! (contact safe ingridients and vitamins, btw, ini […]

A lil’ gift from N i c o l e’ s

hello! today i will share some product from Nicole’s Brand ( original from Singapore ). About  a few weeks ago i’ve win some quiz from  twitter ( @christin_bun ) from @nicolesnatural . And i win some foot massage with their product. A lil’ explanation from this brand, Nicole’s is focusing on bathroom stuff like, shammpoo, […]

REVIEW Eye Base from Aubeau

hello everyone! it’s review time! i just bought it because of envy with a lot of ( yes, A LOT OF Review and many people talk about this local product). so then, i try to buy this product.. let’s check check.. ^^ front packaging. simple, not to be attractive.. 🙁 poor design. Back side of […]

Review: REVLON Colorstay eyeliner

3rd Review for this month! you see how consumtive i am! hahaha lol check check ! —> ujungnya yang runcing bikin jatuh cinta dan memudahkan penggunaannya.. ^^ let’s check when i apply it, then try to see how this eyeliner works. i apply on my hand then put some eye remover on it. i try […]

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