Trip: Singapore 24 oct – 28 oct

    SINGAPORE! holiday between assigment and hectic day? who didn’t love it?! haha so i will share my lil story here, of course with photos. i promise i will post another phostos with high-rest. this one is just a quick posting. ^^ ENJOY! -BUGIS street ~ all u need (fashion) is here!- -WEDDING DRESS […]

Tutorial: Goddes Gold

Hello eyeryone! long time no see ya? ^^ I’m  back with another tutorial that i love :> Using 2 different color of eyeshadow, and 1 color added to make depth. and the result is the best! let’s check this is out! …. this is my bareeee eyes. Then, i apply some foundation, and i put […]

REVIEW: Nicole’s store and product

so, everyone.. ada yang uda tau brand apa dan dari mana nicole’s ini? naahh.. yang belum tau dan penasaran.. yuk di cek” dulu reviewnya.. ^^ Sejarah nya, nicole’s ini awal nya product yang udah cukup lama dan terkenal di singapore. product nya yang memang fokus sama kesehatan dan kealamian ini, bikin brand ini punya banyak […]

MAVALA review for long and thick lashes

so, here’s is it! my review for MAVALA product. Product ini sendiri meng-claim bahwa dia bisa “memanjangkan, menebalkan, dan melentikan”. Jadiiiii… gue sebenernya punya bulu mata yang (sangat) tipis dan pendek. So, yeap. GUe tergoda untuk beli product ini. ^^ haha.. Nah ini dia penampakan sang product ajaib! (contact safe ingridients and vitamins, btw, ini […]

Make Up Inspiration : 90′ Lady

Hey u there babe! haha.. i just try to start with the 90’s dialog! so, today i will post some maek up inspiration for u all. I’m inspired by a 90’s lady that looks so elegant yet classic. so, i try my best to make this look. Enjoy people! ^^ This is the final look. […]

Knowing your Face Shape!

There is a lot of kind about face shape. oval, circle, and many things. In this post, i will make it more simple with indonesian language. it is ok?  ayo si simak.. (bahasanya.. eww) Untuk mengetahui bentuk wajah kita, caranya gampang banget. di sini gue bakalan jelasin sedikit cara praktis tapi bermanfaat banyak buat yang […]

A lil’ gift from N i c o l e’ s

hello! today i will share some product from Nicole’s Brand ( original from Singapore ). About  a few weeks ago i’ve win some quiz from  twitter ( @christin_bun ) from @nicolesnatural . And i win some foot massage with their product. A lil’ explanation from this brand, Nicole’s is focusing on bathroom stuff like, shammpoo, […]

REVIEW Eye Base from Aubeau

hello everyone! it’s review time! i just bought it because of envy with a lot of ( yes, A LOT OF Review and many people talk about this local product). so then, i try to buy this product.. let’s check check.. ^^ front packaging. simple, not to be attractive.. 🙁 poor design. Back side of […]

tutorial: Eunhye for W magz

안녕하세요! (means: annyeonghaseyo) ^^ in this post, i will try to get a look like eunhye did on W magazine photo shot. isn’t she is pretty? ^^ i’ve been zoom her eyes to make it clearly to you to see the details.. so, let;’s begin…. first, this is the final look for my tutorial.. did […]

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