Bali Trip on August. [late post ><] : Kuta, Discovery Mall

So, hello everyone! onec i will post aout my vacation last holiday. and this is the second time i go to Bali this year. *happy*

Once with my friend (on January, i will post later) and this one i go with my fam. 🙂

this post will take many many loading load. too many photos i want to share here. >< hoho


My first post will share about Kuta Beach, the famous one around the world! woohoo~

when i see kuta beach lately, i really sad. Why? Our lovely beach now is full of trash. And too many cadger there. 🙁

Too hectic.

Next, my destination is Discovery Mall. the huge mall with beach! ohh~ i miss that place..

i go there by foot, so I will share the photos I took on the way there.. hihi

Hard Rock  – Kuta Bali

i swear when you go there, u will take photo like this man do. Signature photo from Bali…!

many many restaurant there. and the famous one is… Bubba Gump! yumm yummm

do not be afraid to cash shortage, many atm there!

My favorite palce around Bali.! unfortunately, i can’t go there, because of my family didn’t really like this place 🙁 too childish they said.. T.T

but last holiday, (january) i play there! happy happy happy!!

This road is full of shop. You can find any kind of  souvenir here. Mostly branded (medium to high) items.

Unique Interior! i feel like Moses is in the middle of the sea!

Then finally, Mall! hahaa

his is the view of the beach from the mall


Next post i will share the next destination, more beach, a lil bit traditional tribe from Bali, and many happy picturessss!

SEE YA! ^^



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