Tutorial : based of Yellow – Blue Flower that i post before ^^

As I promised, here’s the results of my experiment inspired by the beautiful flowersthat I photograph yesterday. ^ ^ Check This Out! this is before i use make up.. today i use this Garnier Pact Powder. Thsi product actually light, good, and cover so-so.. and this one is the sneak peek ^^ oh gosh~ my acne is too clear here… 🙁 hahaa this one is before i […]

Bahan Alami untuk Hilangkan Sisa Maskara & Eyeliner

Sisa maskara dan eyeliner seringkali sulit dihapuskan dari kulit. Terlebih jika produk make-up tersebut berlabelkan water proof (tahan air). Make-up remover bukan satu-satunya solusi untuk menghilang sisa maskara dan eyeliner. Ada cara alami untuk membuat sisa make-up water proof hilang sempurna, sekaligus merawat kulit. Dilansir dari Bright Hub, ini dia lima bahan alami untuk menghilangkan […]

Sweet Fuchisia

Today, i try to experiment my make up depent on my clothes. just like my mood, i choose this fuchisia top for my LOTD. this picture below is the hint .. hihi and this one is BEFORE i use make up. ^^ then.. another sneak peak.. ^^ i choose my tangerine eyeshadow to bright my […]

Simply White Bride

This make up eksperiment i made when i’am waiting for my lecture class a couple days ago. the inspiration is also korean make up taht really natural, flawless, and also smooth. this is the look… ^^ I also like my little eyes without double eyelids. so i make my eyes make up keeps natural and […]

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