Perfectly Unperfect: Piece of my real life story

Welcome to my personal life!


Few weeks a go, i was just chilling my self in front TV, and sat down on my couch and become a couch potato while eating snacks. Haha. Just kidding, just get rid of that “snack”. Long short story, i was watching Australia Next Top Model TV Show, and saw there is “a no makeup photoshoot” that all the models did. I was shock, and in the same time stunned by their natural beauty.

It’s inspired me to share my personal life experience about getting job, doing my passion, while people (ppl) around me are questioned my ability. Continue reading

Wet n Wild X Blogger Ceria – VLOG


Who doesn’t love box filled with pile of makeup product, from foundation to lipstick? I do loveeeeee to unboxing that kind of beauty box. A few years ago, i’ve sent a box full of Wet N Wild product for such as PR box. And i’m instanly love with their product. Who’s not? They are all afforable, has a good quality product, they had a lot of variant of product, and also, easy to find!┬á Continue reading

Vitalis Aerosol Body Spray

Siapa sih cewek yang ga suka wewangian? Walaupun ga terlalu suka pake parfume, tapi gue yakin banget disetiap kamar cewek pasti punya 1 produk wewangian. Ya kan? Ya dong? *maksa* haha

Gue, yang suka banget sama wewangian ga pernah absen buat pake salah satu produk wewangian setiap keluar rumah. Bahkan, dirumah pun gue suka pake lilin aromatheraphy, sangking sukanya sama produk wewangian.

Beberapa waktu lalu, gue liburan sama temen-temen ke pantai & sekalian menghadiri sebuah pesta disana. And guess what? Pas packing, gue baru inget bahwa produk wewangian gue packagingnya botol kaca semua! Arghhh~ bakalan ga travel friendly dan bikin ribet banget kan? Untungnya, gue nemuin Vitalis Body Aerosol ini! Continue reading

Elf Lock on Liner & Brow Cream

Welcome 2017!

And happy new year buat semuanyaaaa~!^^

Semoga semuanya sehat-sehat dan makin cantik yah ditahun yang baru ini ­čÖé

Kali ini gue mau sharing  salah  1 brow produk yang cocok buat kalian yang punya rambut alis yang super nakal dan sulit diatur. Oh ya, produk ini juga terjangkau loh dibanding dengan brow produk semacam ini dipasaran, tapi jangan salah, tetap berkualitas kok. ^^ Yuk yuk mari  dicek!  Continue reading