Tutorial: Dolli Look ( monolid eye + review D’eyeko lashes )

I;m a Barbie girl~ In a Barbie wooorlldd~!

Inget lagu ini? when i was a lil girl, i looovveee this song, imagine i was a girl who live like barbie in a beautiful barbie world, meet my handsome and perfect prince was really a good dream. But now, setalah beranjak dewasa (cieelah dewasaaaa…), i was imagine a make up which is look like a doll. Being like Barbie are too perfect, rite? so itry my own version of being dolly, but still look natural. 😀

Untuk Tutorial post kali ini, gue coba bagi dalam beberapa step yah. Dan karena yang jadi point of focus nya adalah mata, so i share step by step eye makeup nya aja yak!

Let’s start!

step 1

I will not write to much words in this post, the picture actually explain the step, rite? 🙂

step 2

step 3

Then, step selanjutnya adalah gue aplikasiin bulu mata D’eyeko edisi princess Syahrini yang “Merak”

See the review here

step 4

Then, gue tambahin bulu mata individual ( 3 pcs di third outer of my eye ).

For the detail see this picture..tfinal detail tfinal half look

My half face.

Sorry for being so flat (my expression) LOL

and now, waktunya untuuukkkkkkk~


z happy shoot

okei, enough.

And this is the final look..

x IMG_15862

y IMG_160912

Thanks for reading beauties!

And feel free to leave any comments on the comment box. 🙂

Salam cantik dan happy selalu,



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