TUTORIAL: Natural Look : Peachy Bride

Ever imagine your wedding day? One day, i will look really beautiful a white gown, pretty flower bouquet, and my “right man” beside me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh how beautiful is it. rite?

Oh, don’t ever think that i would had my wedding day for now, HAHA. I’m just inspired by my sister who will held her wedding day this end of month. ^^ and yeah, of course i want to look beautiful too on my wedding day one day!

Okay, get back to this tutorial.

This look is so natural, and i want to give a really simple makeup that would enchanced your true beauty.



I hope my man would give me my wedding ring with a romantic way~



What product i use for this look?



This is actually form 88 eyeshadow pallete from Coastal Scent, that i loveee so much. The color is great and pigmented!

I use no 1 all over my crease, and number 2 on my lid, and mix the number 2 and 3 for the end of my eye corner to make adepth.


And insted of wear a red lipstick, i prefer to wear this lip lacquer pot in peach pink color to match my eyeshadow color.


And for the blush, i choose to wear this 5 and 6 color.

For this look, i’m not using any countour, because i want this look really natural, so i came up using the highlighter over my nose brigde.

Ah! for this look i use REVLON Photoready Airbrush in shade number #4 ๐Ÿ™‚

You can see the review here







And the last pic, is for the detailed hair. ^^


Hope you enjoy this tutorial and feel free to give me some comment or request for any tutorial in the comment box ^^


@christin_bun >3

DIY: Rose Water

Haiiii Beautiess! (^^)/ Today i just want to share a DIY of rose water.


How it works? Let’s see this step by step photos ^^

1. Rose Flower, ( it’s up to you how much did u want, just use it )

2. A bowl ( make sure it was a ceramic )

3. Pan

4. Cutting Board

5. Knife

6. A bowl of ice cube


I don’t know how to named this step. “Surgical” hears so scary, huh? HAHA




Yeah! you’ve got your pure rose water! ^^


Put it in the clean bottle / spray bottle.


love beauties >3



REVIEW: Revlon Photoready Airbrush

Hellow again beauties! ^^

Today i’ll review some of my March haul. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yap! as u seen the main words above there, this is review about REVLONย Photoready Airbrush! i’ve bought this product and lucky me, get 25% off discount on Istana Plaza counter last month! Yippie! How can i’m not happy with makeup discount? HAHA

So, let’s start the review! ^^

First, Revlon gave us 5 kind of different shade.

1. Shell

2. Nude

3. Natural Beige

4. Medium Beige

5. Golden Beige


Mine, is shade number #4, just because i want make my make up as natural as i’m but, want a lil bit tan for now, so i choose this shade. my actually skin color for this product is shade #3 ^^

And this is what this product look like


Elegant yet simple packaging, really Revlon signature. <3




That bling-bling part is where the “foundation mousse” will came out.

Love this, make our product will clean as well.


And “brrruuussshhh” that’s what i heard when i push the button.


Because this is a mousse foundation, so you will found a lot of air when the product is out.

WHAT i >3 from this product:

1. It’s Light

2. Love the packaging

WHAT i not really like from this product:

1. The coverage is only medium state. If you had a lot of redness area / acnes, prepare your concealer. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. The color shade is not really match with indonesian skin color. Shade number #1 and ย #2 is really pale and looks like for highlighting. ๐Ÿ™

OVER all, i love REVLON products! ^^

oh yeah, you will know how this product works on my face for the next post.
“PEACHY BRIDE” is the coming soon post! ^^

see you!

XOXO, @christin_bun

EVENT: Report of grand opening NYX counter in TSM

Hey Beauties!! Bandung is so happy with this new store of NYX cosmetics which is the second store on Bandung ( the first store is on Sogo – PVJ Mall) and now NYX store (and studio) open at Trans Studio Mall Bandung! Woohoo~

Kita langsung aja ya!

Siapa sih yang ga tau brand kosmetik yang satu ini? gue sendiri uda pake produk NYX ini dari sekitar 2 taunan lalu. Pertama kali dapet rekomendasi dari temen, langsung deh nyari-nyari ngubek” mall di Bandung & search di Internet! Dulu, sebelum masuk Bandung, NYX cuma bisa di temuin di Jakarta aja, dan finally gue nyobain produk NYX hasil belanja-belanja di Online Shoping. Produk pertama NYX gue apaan? Yak!gue dengan sangat gila langsung beli pallete lengkapnya NYX yang Beauty to go! 1 paket palet lengkap mulai dari eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, blush, bronzer, sampe lipgloss! And i’m never regret to buy it!

Yak! prolog nya uda kepanjangan, mari kita mulai aja event report nya saudara-saudari ! ^^



Did u feel glam even just see this red carpet on mall? *jalan kaya model*

Jadii.. ceritanya NYX kosmetik asal Loa Angeles ini buka store ke2 nya di Bandung tanggal 27 Maret 2013 lalu. Dan gue plus temen-temen blogger Bandung pada dateng untuk reportase event ini. ๐Ÿ™‚



Seru yah?


Pertama kali dateng, gue dan temen-temen di sapa sama 2 MC kece ini.


Dan, karena acara agak ngaret ( yang notabene Bandung makin macet aja.. , jadi kru NYX dari Jakarta telat dateng ke TSM. T.T), jadi gue mulai curi-curi foto produk” NYX. hihi


*ngiler?* SAMA! ><

Dan ini dia keramaian event NYX di TSM kemaren.

Oh ya, just because this event had a lil space and saperated place, jadi gue harus olahraga kesana-kemari untuk liat-liat sana-sini. *hosh* *hosh*


Tapi… ada hal yang bikin semua pengunjung senang sama acara ini, yaitu.. HI-DANG-AN! hidangan apa? Apa lagi kalo bukan kue-kue cantik dan mungil yang minta di comot ini.. ^^


*nyum* *nyum*

Dan setelah menunggu sepersekian waktu yang ada, akhirnya sore itu acara di mulai dengan Make Up MARATHON oleh 6 Make Up Artist NYX.

and here’s the models before the Make Up Marathon.


*sebenernya ada 6 model, tapi yang 2 gatau lagi kemana* -.-“

Dan, sebelum di mulai Make Up Marathon nya, Store sekaligus Studio (dalam mall ) NYX ini, di buka secara resmi sama 2 orang perwakilan dari NYX Jakarta dan wakil dari Metro Store Bandung.


And… Yeah i know, i need to stop talking ( read: Typing ) . Now you can enjoy my photos here.. HAHA



Oh! How i love this SLEEK hair! >3

IMG_1315ย  IMG_1319

And finally after all the make up things ( only in 20 minutes), akhirnya para model jalan di red carpet dan mamerin hasil Make up Artis NYX ini ^^



In the end of the Make Up Parade, all the models take a picture with their Make Up Artist.

Which is your favorite? ^^

Dan akhirnyaaa.. setelah acara beres, kita para Bauty Blogger berfoto ria di Hall of fame nya NYX. ^^

SEE YOU on next event beauties!!