Tutorial: Green Feather Fairies

Hello beauties! Coming back with crazy makeup! yay! I always like do something crazy and creative with my make up collection. And today i’ll post some of my art work.

This look actually inspired by me, who found a beautiful feather sell in bookstore. Once i saw that, my hand automatically take that and buy it. LOL!

And when i’m home, i take my beauty case and start the experiment immadiately! Woohoo~

Let’s see my artwork guys~

nb: i’m sorry i’m not take scene per scene pictures for this tutorial. My hands and brain is busy working with this look! LOL >,<

This is the final look. ^^

IMG_0020dsad IMG_0020dsadk IMG_0030j

And because i’m can’t give you the step by step part as usual,( it’s because i forgot, since i touch my brushes! >< ), then i’ll share what product i use for this look. Okay? 🙂


It’s really simple makeup product:

1. Light and medium foundation, i blend it on my foundation mixer . (i want my face look lil bit pale to balance the eyes and lip)

2. Glitter.. Glitter.. all the way! ( i use this green glitter is the edge of my fake lashes )

3. Red – pink Blusher.

4. 2 way cake powder.

5. Dark foundation for shading my “chubby” T.T cheekbone. LOL!

6. Light pink foundation for highlighting.

7. Liquid gilttery liner.

nb: You can use any kind or brand makeup, brand is not really important if you have a great quality product. Choose wisely! ^^

And.. this is my “messy stuff” all around me when i do this experiment. 😀

Look at that beautiful feather! <3


And this is for you who curious about my hair do. 

And also detail for my fancy lashes! 

And… last but not least, my expression photo as usual~ ahahha XD

Make some fun with your make up beauties! ^o^/





Me against acnes!

Yups! Today I’ll share you, what product that help me to make all the scary and nightmare acnes gone from your skin!

Me, as an ordinary woman around the world will have a period every month, and yeah sometimes ( but often, fiuh) I had an acne(s) around my face before my period start. And I just hate this situation, face become a lil bit hot, redness everywhere, comedos, big pores~ ( ok, I need to stop here now, too much scary things here, rite? LOL) so, I will more diligent to use skin care and decrease my make up concumption.

So, when you see me somewhere and I don’t use many make up on, you know why. YEAH! I’m on my period! Ahahhaa~ (faint)


Ok! Let’s start with my skin care:

I actually have a combination skin, T area lil bit oily, and others area is dry – normal skin. Lil bit tricky to find the perfect skin care, so I use something with a lots of mineral and shooting effect. Like this one~


I put a several drops to cotton and swipe it to all my face.

Then i apply a thisn layer of this soothing gel all over my face.

I love the effect of this product. Feel like i’m on mountain. cooling~


After the soothing gel sink well, i spray this brumisateur all my face and neck.

And, the important thing is up!

Acne gel! yups! This product claim that within 24hour, your acne will desepare lil by lil. and i love this product.


After all the skin care done, i put my favorite concealer instead.

This is really old product from oriflame, but i love it. because there is a tea tree ingridients, so my acne not only covered, but also make my acne dry!

WHat about your story about acnes?

Tell me on my comment box or just keep following my blog!

For more information about where i buy the product, how much the prize and so on, u can contact me freely! i love to share by the way~ ^^



random quote about makeup

Warning: i will not give you tutorial or review, i just want to share my 2 favorite quote. and who’s agree with me? 🙂
Coco Chanel_Quote_The Best Color In The World Is The One That Looks Good On You_Chanel Makeup

nb: But sometimes, when i come to drigstore or sephora, and i try to choose what color will i buy, i still get confused. LOL!


nb: And this is really my fav quote! don’t ever make your face look like someone else, remember u have a unique side from your face, enhance it!



Good Luck!