TUTORIAL: Party Eye Make up

Put Your HANDS UP!! Yeahhh~ Yoooww~

Today, i come up with another tutorial makeup. Now it’s time for Sparkling Party Eyemakeup.

I try to make this post simple and clean, so i just post 2 pictures below, and make the “step by step part” with panel box.

Tell me what do you think beauties! ^^ GOOD LUCK! 😉

I’ll tell you how to make this eye makeup. Simple – Fun – Dramatic look. Superb! <3


Tip: i regurally use general glitter. Mine, i buy it from a bookstore. LOL. So, use what you have.



REVIEW: Which is the best BB Cream?

Legend! Yup! BB Cream is a legend of makeup for these day. There’s so many makeup brand make their own formula to compate each other.

I seach them on internet and found out that there is really A LOT of brands had a BB Cream. Which is like Korean brand like Etude House , Face Shop , or Missha for other brand is like Bobby Brown , Dior , MAC, and so on.

In here, our country Indonesia, we have many products too. Not really made by Indonesia, but we can buy it freely~

Just like what i have here, i will review it one by one for u, beauties. So, Choose your favorite BB Cream now! ^^

I have 4 kind of BB Cream here.

  1. Silkygirl Magic BB Cream
  2. Caring Colors BB Cream
  3. Maybelline Clear Smooth
  4. Skin79 Super BB CreamIMG_05451. Silkygirl ( Malaysia Brand)
  • Light texture.
  • Match with my skin tone, but sometimes when I use it for anybody else, it turn’s out lil bit yellowish.
    • Great price, about 50-60.000 rupiah.

Note: Silkygirl store has a lot of discount. I buy this only half prize! Lucky me! YEAH~!  \(^^)/

IMG_0547     2.  Maybelline

  • Adorable Price. only 20-25.000 rupiah. I even have 2 same product!
  • Light texture.
  • Make your skin more brighten.

For you who had lil bit dark color tone, I;m not really recommend this product. cause your face will look too pale.

IMG_0548      3. Skin 79 (Korean Brand)

  • Medium coverage.
  • This product will brighten your skin tone, but sometimes it will turn out a lil bit grey.
    • Medium Price, about 130-250.000 rupiah. It’s totally depends on where OS your buy. Mine is only 130.000 rupiah. You can  buy it here.

IMG_0549      4. Caring ( Indonesian Product)

  • Full Coverage. Even my dark circle is disappear!
  • Great Price. About 40-60.000 rupiah.
    • Nothing. I love this product! <3


This is the real shade of that BB Cream’s

*i take this picture in the sunlight, without flash.


*this one i take indoor, without flash


– Bare Face –



So, tell me which one suit you better beauties! ^^

For daily use, i love maybelline cause it light and make my face more fresh! 🙂



Tutorial: Happy Sunset Look for Rainy Day!

Hello fellas! A few months from 2012 till now sky is crying all over day and night. make us feel blue or had a sleepy head? Oh-No! We need something to bright up our day, right? So, i come up with tutorial post about Sunset Look for Shiny-Fun-and Energizing Look.

How could it be? i just compile my step by step makeup tutorial, so u can see how simple and fun this makeup look. ^_^ Enjoy everyone!


Step by Step Eye Makeup

      There is 25 step (oh is not that much guys! it’s simple! *wink*)

  1. I use my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean as my eyeshadow primer. 
  2. I pad it on the edge of my eyelid. Just the edge, cause i just want tthe edge of my eyelid more bold and dark in that area.
  3. You can see the result as in the picture.
  4. Then i use my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
  5. I pad it on my inner eyelid, under my brow for highlight, and my under waterline.
  6. You can see the result as in the picture.
  7. And i take my Inez Quad Eyeshadow. I choose the copper color and apply it all over my eyelid.
  8. You can see the result as in the picture.
  9. You can see the result as in the picture.
  10. Now, i take the gold color.
  11. And apply it on my inner eyelid and swipe and blend it into copper color.
  12. You can see the result as in the picture.
  13. Then for the highlight i take the cream color and apply it on my under brow.
  14. And i just add the copper color on my under waterline.
  15. You can see the result as in the picture.
  16. I use my Wet n Wild Gel liner in Black.
  17. And make a line as close as from my lashes.
  18. And to make a bold eye, i apply my gel liner to my edge of my waterline too.
  19. Then i take my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black.
  20. And apply it all over my waterline.
  21. make it clean and neat.
  22. make it clean and neat.
  23. make it clean and neat.
  24. You can see the result as in the picture.
  25. And the last picture is the final result of my Eye makeup. don’t forget to add some fake lashes and shape your brow. ^_^

Now~ let’s move to Lips Makeup guys!

it’s moooree simple and fun!

Just need 3 step and VOILA!


  1. I take my NYX pencil lipliner.
  2. Apply it all over my lip.
  3. Take my Tangerine Lipstick and apply it. DONE!
  • TIP: to make your lip more fuller, you can pad some powder into your lip.


NOTE: SORRY to post this photo. i just become lil bit crazy of take selca. LOL!

And don’t forget to wear a bright color when it’s rain, bright color have some positive energy that make my mood up!

Spread the mood fellas! ^_^

And this is the last picture…

D-E-T-A-I-L! 🙂

MVI_0434.MOV_snapshot_00.00_[2013.01.08_08.19.17]I hope you had so much fun of this look and tell me how your feeling in this rainy day? 🙂

Keep smilling and positive fellas!


XOXO, >3