Review: Wet n Wild is now in Indonesia! yay!

I’m so excited to review this product. This early month, Wet n wild Indonesia sent me an email and said they would sent me their product for me to review it. and i just got dooo happy, guess why? coz i’ve been so curious about their product, especially their superb eyeshadow. ahhh~ ya yaaa~ i know i shouldn’t talk to much, i know you all curious as i am. LOL

Check it out!

(it’s just a sneak peek form the real review, see u in the next post! wiihiii)

I got this packet after i’m home from my campus, and i’m so excited at the first sight. *lebeh*

What’s insideeee….~?


1 Cream eyeliner in Black (with the brush!)

2 Trio eyeshadow in Silent Treatment and Don’t Steal My Thunder

3 booklet


1 Cool T-shirt! :3

beautiful colour~ in love in loveeee!!

And what’s great is.. in the back of the product there is an easy direction to use the eyeshadow. wihiii~!

and it’s look like this..

The Cream Eyeliner is quite cute too!

Detail for you who curious about the eyeliner brush.. ^^

I’m so in love with the simple packaging and the very useful word they create in all their eyeshadow product. can’t wait to use this product for the birthday party i have this sunday! wiihiii~!

Thanks, to wet n wild indonesia!

XOXO, @christin_bun

Experiment: Zombie Hand Makeup

*knockknock* rawwwrrrr~

I’m coming wif “ZOMBIE THEME” for this post.

I just started to curious about zombie things since my friend told me about The Walking Dead series (that i never watch till now, coz i’m scared enough to see the pic on google *sigh*). And a few days ago i just tried (again, experiment) the bloody makeup to my hand.

Let me know what do you think beaaties.. 🙂


Cool makeup!


more close up..

detail: bruise ( with pink and purple and lil bit black eyeshadow).

tips: do not use your shimmery eyeshadow beauties, it will be like u makeup-ing for beauty princess. it’s actually br

uise! LOL

important to make so skets

detail the scar and bruise after i’m done.

Tell me what u think in this comment box!


@christin_bun 3>

IBB Makeup challenge “Enchanting Fairy”

Baru kali ini nih IBB ( Indonesian Beauty Blogger) ngadain makeup challage! excited? of course! jadiii.. g putuskan untuk menerima tantangan kali ini. karena temanya “Enchanting fairy” , dan mumpung g (memang) lagi kegandurungan makeup fantasy, jadilah g mulai bermain sama makeup” kesayangan.. how i look when i’m like in fairy tale? check this out!


What i wore:

4 kind of eyeshadow:

yellow, light tosca, light purple, dark purple

79 Gold BB Cream

LT pro Blush On

Revlon lipstick

Ellise Fake Eyelashes

Doakan saya menang yah! ^^

Oh ya, kalo ada yang mau ikutan juga, bisa liat keterangan nya di sini: “Enchanting Fairy” . Good Luck, beauties!

XOXO, @christin_bun

Trip: Singapore 24 oct – 28 oct



SINGAPORE! holiday between assigment and hectic day? who didn’t love it?! haha

so i will share my lil story here, of course with photos. i promise i will post another phostos with high-rest. this one is just a quick posting. ^^


-BUGIS street ~ all u need (fashion) is here!-

-WEDDING DRESS EXPO, 200 years of wedding fashion is here. amazed me!-

-One of their collection ~ scotland style-

-ME, in front of the expo building. can u see that amazing structure? *in love*-

-LASSALE collage-

-SAM, Singapore Art Museum ~ indonesian artist artwork is here too, so make sure u visit this place. museum is not boring anymore, it’s COOL!-

-One of their collection. the instalation tell about a mom who pregnant. and she’s baby is a “Demigod”-

-A simple words that make people make take photo-

-lovely church that i find in front of SAM-

-Clarke Quay-

-Singapore City Gallery, if u want to know how Singapore build their country, visit this place-

-Singapore Maket, like a ‘real’ google map-

-Space, a furniture shop that catch my heart, beautiful building, excited interior-

and now, let’s see Singapore meal as well!

-Hokkian Mee, favorite all the singaporean!-

-Ba Kut Teh, yummy, juicy, ahh~ don’t know how to describe this meal. tempting!-

-my friends-

so people, if u want to refresh your mind, go to another country and see their museum, and u will go home with a brain full of question, why my country cannot be like that? and try to make it real even better. since you are the new generation of this country.