Review: REVLON Colorstay eyeliner

3rd Review for this month! you see how consumtive i am! hahaha lol

check check ! —>

ujungnya yang runcing bikin jatuh cinta dan memudahkan penggunaannya.. ^^

let’s check when i apply it, then try to see how this eyeliner works.

i apply on my hand then put some eye remover on it.

i try to rub my hand with some energy then TADA~ the eyeliner is gone without smudging! yay!

What i LIKE:

  • alllll.. ga smudging, dan warnanya pekat.
  • pas di aplikasi in buat di bawah mata.
  • packaging nya pas, ukuran diameter eyeliner nya juga pas sama monolid kaya gue. 🙂

What i HATE:

  • actually nothing! but the price is also average (i buy it about 45K – bandung)



review: Caring BB Cream

After a long time ago ( i guess 2 weeks since my last post) finally i have time to make a review about BB Cream! yay!

because of my favorite make up things is BB cream, so this is my 2nd post about BB cream, the last one is BB cream from Maybelline , so please check this out girls!

so, this is the packaging from Caring, sweet wif the pink color and clear because of the transparant box.

actually, Caring BB Cream has 3 variant for 3 different skin type.

1. Fair White

2. Everlast

3. Luminazing

and i choose the first one, Fair White. Unfortunately, the shade color is same. so if you have darker skin or bright skin more than this product,  you will get really dissapointed. 🙁 but, the shade is actually good.

the packaging

real photo product

and now, the swatches

What i LIKE:

almost everything.

  • price (range 40-60K)
  • the texture is not to liquid, almost like gel
  • the packaging is make us use it hygine

What i HATE:

  • the shade colour is just 1. u must to try before u buy.

thanks Guys! Hope u like it!

XOXO, @christin_bun

#looxgiveaway & MakeupChallenge : BALI

okay, this is my first time ikutan challage”an lewat blog. dan kali ini yang ngadainnya adalah blog ..

and if i’m lucky, i’ll get a gift for their sponsor . buat kalian yang mau ikutan juga bisa! liat syarat nyayah.. ^^ happy blogging all!

Gue pribadi memilih Tutor make up Bali dari blog looxperiment ..

And here we go… BALI!

ini dia inspirasinya.. ^^ cantik asli INDONESIA!

Dan ini result dari hasil eksperiment gue! how? hehe

then, let’s start the tutorial!

1. ini adalah bareface gue tanpa apapun, untuk tutor kali ini, gue pake BB Cream ringan dari Caring Colours. (skalian kasi liat bedanya gimana yah.. ^^)

2. setelah pemakaian BB Cream Caring Colours Fair White

3. after using Revlon New Complextion Powder

then here we go for the eye tutorial!

(buat sedikit cat eye pake angle brush)

1. apply blue colour on your crease.

2. then, apply warna ungu di sudut dalam crease.

(blending the colour with blending brush)

3. the third colour, pink! aplikasiin di atas warna biru di tengah crease atas..

4. baru aplikasiin warna highlight di bawah alis.. ^^

so then this the result


1. BB Cream Caring Colours #Fair White

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion #Original

3. Revlon New Complextion Powder #Honey Beige

4. Sariayu Blush On #Kemuning (i use just the red one)

5. Ratu Ayu eyeshodow Pallete #Magenta ( Indonesia Product wif fantastic colour!)

6. SilkyGIrl Double Intense Gel Liner #black

so there what i’ve done with this challenge.. wish me luck! ^^