Tutorial : based of Yellow – Blue Flower that i post before ^^

As I promised, here’s the results of my experiment inspired by the beautiful flowersthat I photograph yesterday. ^ ^

Check This Out!

this is before i use make up..

today i use this Garnier Pact Powder. Thsi product actually light, good, and cover so-so..

and this one is the sneak peek ^^ oh gosh~ my acne is too clear here… 🙁 hahaa

this one is before i use the fake lashes, just let u know the colour of eyeshadow that i do.

result…. TADA~

and this is the Fakelashes that i use..

what i use:

  • Maybelline BB Cream
  • Garnier Powder pact
  • NYX Beuaty To Go Pallete eyeshadow of yellow mustard and blue
  • Inez Blush On
  • Viva Eyebrow Pencil
  • SilkyGirl Eyeliner Gel Black

i hope u like it.. ^^

XOXO, @christin_bun

Bahan Alami untuk Hilangkan Sisa Maskara & Eyeliner

Sisa maskara dan eyeliner seringkali sulit dihapuskan dari kulit. Terlebih jika produk make-up tersebut berlabelkan water proof (tahan air). Make-up remover bukan satu-satunya solusi untuk menghilang sisa maskara dan eyeliner.

Ada cara alami untuk membuat sisa make-up water proof hilang sempurna, sekaligus merawat kulit. Dilansir dari Bright Hub, ini dia lima bahan alami untuk menghilangkan sisa make-up, termasuk maskara dan eyeliner.

1. Timun
Selain bagus untuk menghilangkan lingkar hitam dan kantung mata, timun juga bisa diandalkan sebagai penghilang sisa make-up water proof. Carany, tumbuh timun hingga banyak mengeluarkan air. Lalu celupkan kapas dan bersihkan area mata.

2. Minyak Zaitun
Minyak zaitun sangat ampuh untuk menghilangkan sisa maskara dan eyeliner. Cukup menuangkan sedikit di kapas, lalu usapkan pada mata, seluruh maskara dan eyeliner bisa terangkat. Minyak zaitun bisa juga untuk membersihkan sisa make-up lainnya, seperti bedak dan foundation serta lipstik.

3. Susu dan Yogurt
Susu dan yogurt dapat membersihkan make up yang tebal. Campurkan 3-4 sendok susu cair dan 3 sendok yogurt, kemudian bersihkan make up dengan campuran ini. Foundation, concelear hingga maskara yang tebal akan terhapus dengan memakai campuran ini. Setelah itu bilas dengan air hangat.

4. Santan
Santan memiliki kandungan minyak, sehingga bisa dimanfaatkan untuk membersihkan maskara dan eyeliner. Bersihkan area mata dan wajah dengan kapas yang telah diberi santan. Setelahnya, bilas wajah dengan air hangat. Jika tidak dibilas wajah akan terasa lengket.

5. Baby Oil
Hampir sama dengan minyak zaitun, baby oil juga dapat diandalkan untuk membersihkan make-up yang menempel di wajah. Kandungannya yang lembut karena diperuntukkan untuk bayi, jadi sangat aman digunakan untuk membersihkan area mata yang terpapar eyeliner dan maskara.

via: yahoo.com

XOXO, @christin_bun

Beautiful scene, flower, and life…

Yesterday, i just come wif my Dycom friends to some place that called Imah Ulin. now, i just want to shere want i get there. maybe later i will tell u about what place Imah Ulin is. what makes me amaze is one of the flower garden. see how beautiful those things…

this picture i take from one of  the garden house there. Thsi garden especially plant Chrysantemum and ….. *so sorry i forgot to fast what this flower (the yellow and red) called). LOL~

this one is really beautiful. Fresh, Young, and Bright. Just like us, women who really like being bright wif our make up. haha XD


This flower is naturally grow like a bouquet. isn’t their pretty, huh? 🙂

this flower grow in 3 step colour: light yellow then when get older going to be blue and then blue – purple.

I just take my pic wif this beautiful Flower.. ^^

Please see the background scene of this pic. blue sky, green garden, beautiful flower means HAPPY ME! ^^

so this Uncle is the Flower farmer! he’s really kind. when i ask him how much that should i give when i buy 1 pot of flower and 1 bouquet, he said.. “5000 Rp is enough” and he come wif another bouquet and give it to me FREE! how nice you are! ^^ *DOUBLE HAPPY*

In the end of this post , i’ll give u a bonus pic of Chrysantemmum flower. hope u like it!

아름다운가 아닌가요? ^^

next post i will give u a tutorial that inspired by this beautiful flower. wait me!

Sweet Fuchisia

Today, i try to experiment my make up depent on my clothes. just like my mood, i choose this fuchisia top for my LOTD.

this picture below is the hint .. hihi

and this one is BEFORE i use make up. ^^

then.. another sneak peak.. ^^ i choose my tangerine eyeshadow to bright my eyes today. Just like the sunshine today, i feel i need to use this beautiful tangerine colour.. 🙂

For the lips, i try to be dare wif the colour. yes! this is dark fuchisia. lil bit like shocking pink rite? hoho

holla! this is the close up result!

the last picture is always narsistisist time! kekeke~ ^^

btw, i make my hair naturally curly and put 1 side  back wif bobby pin. ^^

hope u like it girls!



please tell me how do you think about my post.. thanks! gomawo~ ^^

Simply White Bride

This make up eksperiment i made when i’am waiting for my lecture class a couple days ago.

the inspiration is also korean make up taht really natural, flawless, and also smooth.

this is the look… ^^

I also like my little eyes without double eyelids. so i make my eyes make up keeps natural and smooth. wif a lil’ cat eyes in the end of the eyeliner for lil dramatically. ^^

What i wear to get this look:

1. Supra color foundation.

2. Revlon complextion press powder “honey-beige”

3. NYX Beuty To Go Pallete light brown and dark brown.

4. Inez blush – peach.

5. Revlon lipstick – nude peach.

6. Silkygirl gel eyeliner – black.

dress is recycle by me.. 🙂

hope u like it!

XOXO, @christin_bun