as you know, now BB Cream is very popular among the lovers make up, even for thelayman BB Cream makes them curious and want to try it. This is a bit of a Review ofMaybelline products that I use for seharo-day. very light, cover, and do not ruin yourpretty face! ^ ^

This is a picture of a new product design.

back side of the product

old design

there are actually two colors of Maybelline BB Cream. fresh and natural # # # I myself use a fresh ..

and this is the real review swatch…. ^^

the colors blend together well, cover with a good, lightweight, and is one of myfavorite products from Maybelline!

Would not it be interesting? products with affordable price (I myself bought it at a price of about 30,000 dollars), which is derived the color is very natural, and blendwell. this product is really worth to buy!

My Rating: 8/10 ^^

XOXO, @christin_bun

REVIEW product : Kryolan TV Paint Stick

My post will discuss a review of Kryolan products. his name is Kryolan TV PaintStick.
This product is used and specialize to make the shading on the face. its color is quite old and has a dense texture as typical of other Kryolan products. let’s get started!

This product is used as a shading cheekbones, nose, or even to make an impression on his face gaunt. the pictures in my review this time I created a practicaland concise in order to shorten the length of post. ^ ^

This is visible from the product packaging Kryolan TV Paint Stick.

its prices in Indonesia around 125,000 (as shown) I bought it at a store salonsupplier.

and this is the example of its application to the skin of my hands. Initially the color isvery old indeed, and surprising. but after the blend, the color will blend in quite well. ^^

Hope you like my review!

please tell me if there some product you want me to review.

How to know when is your cosmetic product is out of date?

The skin is one asset that should be kept woman. Protect your skin from the maximum to avoid irritation. Get to know the age make-up products that you wear for expired products will actually make the skin is damaged.

Liquid foundation has a shorter life than a powder foundation. The reason, the bacteria more easily grown in moist and watery body. Generally, the base powder with water-based materials can last a maximum of 1 year. While oil based can last much longer up to 18 months. That is, if you always use clean hands and brushes are cleaned at least once a week with warm water.

Packaging also affects the foundation. Packaging foundation in pump bottle can last longer than any other container that is more open. In addition, the longer the texture liquid foundation will also change. Texture changes due to reaction of the oil and water can make the outward appearance becomes uneven foundation.

Dry or powder foundation can last a long time because the bacteria is difficult to grow in this medium. Alas, dry powder can be used up to 2 years with good storage. But if found to change the texture, such as hard or lumpy it should be replaced.

After 3 months, usually the more lumpy texture of the mascara. Especially if you are repeatedly pumped into the tube of mascara brush before applying. Such habits can make more and more air into the mascara tube and lead to dry easily. In addition, the tube is wet and dark is a favorite place for nesting bacteria.

If your mascara is dry and too clot before 3 months, you should replace with new. Damaged mascara makes lashes not only fragile, but also increase the risk of irritation to the eyes. Not impossible clumps of mascara will fall into the eye and cause irritation.

Liquid eyeliner she was not much different from mascara. Started 3 months you should be aware of the maximum age of your eyeliner. If no change in texture or irritation, liquid eyeliner can be used up to 5 months. For eyeliner pencil can last up to one year. Always make sure your pencil eyeliner menyerut again before using a pencil so that the surface is always clean.
Again, you should pay attention to the texture of what eye shadow you use. Generally, eye shadow is now available in a cream or powder. Just as foundation, eye shadow cream form has a shorter age. Longest, 6 months you should replace your cream eye shadow with a new one.

As for the powder eye shadow with a texture, you can use up to 2 years. Always close the container tightly after use eyeshadow. But if there is irritation to the skin, immediately dispose of your eyeshadow to prevent further skin damage.

Lipstick can last up to 2 years if stored properly. Avoid heat and do not forget to be closed immediately after use. Learn make-up reaction on your skin. If there is itching, burning, redness appears on the skin, or other skin irritation, immediately dispose of the product. Consult your dermatologist about your skin condition to get the best results. Do not let the intention to improve the appearance of even the opposite end.


hope this post inspired u all!

XOXO, christin_bun ^^

Logam Berat Ditemukan di Banyak Kosmetik: Tidak Ditulis di Label

Di tengah kehebohan berita bahwa BPOM di Amerika Serikat menemukan kandungan timah di 400 merek lipstik, Yahoo! SHE ingin memperlihatkan beberapa produk kosmetik lain yang potensial mengandung bahan berbahaya.

Sepanjang sejarah, wanita sering mengambil risiko kesehatan demi tampil cantik. Wajah Ratu Elizabeth dilaporkan menjadi hancur karena menggunakan makeup yang mengandung timah. Di Perancis pada abad ke-18, para wanita penghibur menggunakan pemerah pipi, yang mengandung sulfur dan merkuri, dan akibatnya gigi, hati dan sistem syaraf mereka mengalami gangguan.

Meski tingkatannya lebih rendah, menurut sebuah laporan pada 2011 yang diluncurkan oleh kelompok peneliti Environmental Defense, logam berat berbahaya masih ditemukan di lip gloss, maskara, alas bedak, pemulas pipi, eye shadow, dan eyeliner.

Penelitian itu melakukan percobaan terhadap 49 produk umum yang dipilih dari tas enam wanita Kanada. Mereka menemukan fakta, semua produk memiliki setidaknya satu dari tujuh logam berat termasuk arsenik, kadmium, timah, nikel, berilium, talium, dan selenium.

Timah, jenis neurotoxin yang dikenal, berada di 96 persen produk tersebut. Logam berat juga merupakan hasil dari manufaktur dan perlu digaris bawahi kalau tidak ada dari zat berbahaya itu yang didaftarkan dalam label kosmetik.

Laporan tersebut menyebutkan, secara keseluruhan ditemukan kandungan arsenik, kadmium, dan timah dengan tingkat paling tinggi di lip gloss, yang bisa masuk ke dalam tumbuh secara langsung. Dari beberapa kosmetik yang diuji, lip gloss Benefit Benetint memiliki level kandungan timah paling tinggi dengan 110 ppm, 10 kali lebih tinggi dari batas yang ditentukan oleh Health Canada Draft Guidance on Heavy Metal Impurities in Cosmetics.

Dari 49 produk yang sudah dites, beberapa produk di bawah terbukti memiliki kandungan logam berat paling tinggi:

Clinique Stay True Makeup foundation (Stay Ivory) — arsenik, kadmium, berilium, timah, nikel, talium.

Sephora Sculpting Powder Trio eye shadow (Brown and Pink) — berilium, timah, nikel, talium

MAC Sheerton Shimmer Blush (Springsheen) — berilium, timah, nikel, talium.

L’Oreal Bare Naturale maskara(Black/Brown) — arsenik, berilium, kadmium, timah, nikel, talium

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner (Black Onyx) — berilium, kadmium, timah, nikel

Almay Intense i-color Trio eye color (Trio for Blues, Brown and Dark Grey) — berilium, kadmium, timah, nikel, selenium

Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal (Red Tint and Clear Gloss) — arsenik, berilium, kadmium, timah, nickel, selenium, talium

Harga bukan jaminan kalau sebuah produk kosmetik memiliki kandungan logam berat yang lebih rendah. Erin Charter, salah seorang pemilik kosmetik yang diteliti, berkomentar, “Produk itu [Benefit Benetin lip gloss] yang paling mahal, karena saya pikir akan lebih bagus, ternyata malah yang paling buruk dari semua yang diuji!”

(all post i take via Yahoo except the picture)


a few days ago i go to BSM (Bandung super Mall) as u know, now going to TRANS STUDIO Bandung Mall. the biggest mall in Bandung. and for kill’ my time, i just go to the coffee shop and get some photos from there. and i also buy some MACAROONS from BAKERZIN. free time + coffee + macaroon = lil heaven! yay!

i just try to edit the photos on photoshop. what do you think? ^^

i love COFFEE, but i have a maag problem. so sometimes i can’t order coffee black or the strong one. 🙁 poor me. this one that i have is MACHIATTO. 🙂

MACAROON! who dislike this cute-lil-cookies ? sweet and lovely! (like my day!)

haha. sorry for the last pic. i also like to put my own photo on my blog. 😀
hope u like it! ^^